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Our Family on Vacation

Sat 12:38 PM May 26, 2001

21°50’24”N 71°50’59”W
5-year-old Ricky talked for months, both before and after, about his trip to "Grandma's Island". He spent hours playing on the beach so this boat tour was an adventurous change for him. He saw iguanas on East Bay Cay but slept as we approached the flamingos near Crossing Place.

First Catch
First Catch
Sat 12:58 PM May 26, 2001

21°50’33”N 71°50’30”W
Cardinal is always prepared for a little fishing so he baited a line for Ricky's first ever catch.

Family Vacation
Family Vacation
Sat 12:10 PM May 26, 2001

21°51’09”N 71°51’04”W
Our oldest son and his family finally got to experience everything we like about Middle Caicos when they joined us for our last trip. Then they understood all our crazy talk about this unknown place.

From left are Miranda, Ricky, Rick, Kim and Katie.

My Next Office
My Next Office
Sat 04:30 PM Jun 2, 2001

21°49’40”N 71°44’15”W
I'll admit that I give in to my nerdy obsessions and spend some time on the laptop even when on vacation. It's usually practical stuff like viewing the latest digital pictures, uploading daily tracks from my GPS receiver, or checking the tide prediction program.

One of these days, I'll figure out how to make this a full time endeavour. Who needs a window office when you can work on the beach.

New Millenium
New Millenium
Sat 06:45 AM Jan 1, 2000
Our days on Middle Caicos usually begin before sunrise as Cathy and I head out to watch the sunrise. At Blue Horizon, we're often joined by our favorite island dog, Smiley. She's a typical island mixed-breed, locally known as a "Potcake".

The Whole Family
The Whole Family
Sun 02:54 PM May 27, 2001
Our visits to Middle Caicos are always more enjoyable when we can share them with someone. On this trip, we brought along our son Rick and his family.

From left are Mike, Cathy, Kim, Ricky, Rick, Miranda, our youngest son Chris, and Katie.

Chris's Catch
Chris's Catch
Sat 05:15 PM Jun 2, 2001

21°50’23”N 71°50’54”W
Our youngest son, Chris, enjoys Middle Caicos just as much as his parents do. He especially likes walks on the beach and uses that time as his "private moments' to dream his own dreams.

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