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What You Need to Know to Go

Our first trip to Middle Caicos got off to a somewhat uncertain start. A few things went awry on the way there, like a missing bag in Miami, so we were a little worn from the long trip. Arriving on the island we found that the owner we rented from hadn't followed through on some of our requests, so we thought we might have made a bad choice in our vacation destination. We gave it our best shot, learned how the island worked, and realized that we were, in fact, in the right spot for a great vacation.

Flying to Middle Caicos
There are daily flights on American from Miami and on Delta from Atlanta to Providenciales (airport code PLS). The flight is less than an hour and a half. From Provo, you'll take one of several small airlines that service the other islands of the Turks and Caicos. We prefer to use Global Airways, a charter operation owned by three brothers from North Caicos.

The airport on Middle Caicos doesn't have runway lights so you'll need to arrive on the island before dark. As far west as Dallas you can make the trip in the same day. Flying from Denver, you'll arrive too late and will have to stay on Provo or in Miami.

Villas and Resorts
All accomodations on Middle Caicos are villas and cottages available for weekly rental. Blue Horizon Resort is west of the village of Conch Bar and offers a variety of villas and cottages. Bambarra Beach, down the hill from the village of Bambarra, is home to a selection of privately owned villas and duplexes.

Most of the villas and resorts have their own websites and are members of the Middle Caicos Webring. The links at the bottom of this website can take you to many of the villa's websites.

There aren't very many. In Conch Bar, Danny's Cafe is part of the Middle Caicos Coop. They also sell locally made crafts and just added internet services.

Local cooking can be arranged in several ways. Annie Taylor in Conch Bar will prepare and serve a meal for you in her home. Arrange this a day or more in advance. Other women may agree to cook in your villa or prepare carryout meals in their homes.

All of the rental properties are villas or guest houses with kitchen facilities. Don't forget that's it's your wife's vacation, too. So help with the cooking or at least wash the dishes.

Middle Caicos has several small grocery stores. Most are located next to the owner's home. To shop, knock on the owner's door. There was an adequate selection though prices were higher, as you would expect. We found:
  • Milk (of the boxed, long-life variety)
  • Lots of canned foods
  • Eggs
  • Pasta and Rice
  • Flour and Sugar
  • Candy
  • Sodas
  • Cosmetics, Cleaning Supplies, etc
You can also order groceries to be delivered by plane from one of the stores on Provo. One family we met on the island ordered "some turkey breast". What showed up was a whole deli-style smoked turkey breast priced at $53. Perhaps they should have been more specific.

On one trip to Middle Caicos, we arrived on Friday. The ferry runs to North Caicos on Saturday so we took a trip over there for some shopping. The stores are larger and have a more varied selection. On long trips, we often make a supply run to North half way through. You can also hire a local guide and his boat for a shopping expedition.

I hear that a taxi always arrives at the airport soon after a plane arrives. The airport's just south of Conch Bar where at least two taxi drivers live (Cardinal Arthur and Hormel Harvey). When you arrive, the owners or managers of your villa should have made arrangements for you to be met at the airport by a taxi.

A few vehicles are available for rent with daily and weekly rates. Most are offered "informally" by island residents. The climate and road conditions can be hard on vehicles so don't be surprised if they are a little "rustic". Just take it as part of the adventure.

Don't forget to roll up your windows at night. The heaviest rains were at night.

There are two gas stations on the island. Both ran out of gas during the busy holiday period when we were there. Gas sold for $4.15 per gallon last time we were there.

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