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Other Islands in the Turks and Caicos

Three Marys Cays
Three Marys Cays
Sat 09:42 AM Jul 15, 2000
Three Marys Cays are a string of three small islands off the northwest corner of North Caicos. They are a National Park area and one of the cays is home to an Osprey nest. I've heard the snorkeling is excellent but we didn't have our gear with us on the one day we found the cays.

TCI National Museum
TCI National Museum
Thu 11:11 AM Aug 19, 1999
The Turks and Caicos National Museum is house in the Gwinnep House on Grand Turk's western shore. The house is named for the large Gwinnep tree in the courtyard. On display are artifacts from the Molasses Reef wreck, the oldest shipwreck in the region.

Government Offices
Government Offices
Thu 11:03 AM Aug 19, 1999
Grand Turk is the seat of the Turks and Caicos Islands government. The Chief Minister's Office, the Land Registry and other offices are clustered around this square on the island's western seafront. The Governor's Mansion and another cluster of offices lie south of the airport.

Grand Turk
Grand Turk
Thu 03:21 PM Aug 19, 1999
Grand Turk was home to the country's salt trade and the salinas, though no longer in use, are still a prominent feature of the island. The National Museum and numerous hotels and dive operations are located along the seafront in the foreground.

South Caicos
South Caicos
Thu 03:31 PM Aug 19, 1999
South Caicos lies at the opposite end of the Caicos island chain from the more familiar Providenciales.

East Caicos
East Caicos
Thu 03:35 PM Aug 19, 1999
East Caicos is the largest uninhabited island in the Caribbean. The flat salty terrain of the island's south side reminds me more of an alien landscape than a tropical island.

East Bay Cays
East Bay Cays
Thu 05:03 PM Jul 13, 2000
The major islands of the Caicos Islands are surrounded by numerous small cays. East Bay Cay in the distance and Conch Cay in the foreground are two of the islands between North and Middle Caicos. The mangrove swamps of Middle Caicos are just visible under the wing.

Turtle Cove
Turtle Cove
Thu 01:52 PM Aug 12, 1999
The airport on Middle Caicos doesn't yet have lights so you'll need to arrive before dark. If your flight schedule doesn't allow that, you may have to spend the night on Provo. We've done that a few times and stayed at Turtle Cove Inn. When you fly to Middle Caicos, Turtle Cove is one of the landmarks you may recognize from the air. Also take note of the degree of development on the island so you can compare it to the virgin wilderness on Middle.

Approaching Middle Caicos
Approaching Middle Caicos
Thu 02:02 PM Aug 12, 1999
Your first view of Middle Caicos may be as you approach the airport. The flight takes you along the length of Provo and then across the pine barrens of North Caicos. You'll cross the shore of Middle Caicos over the ferry landing. Blue Horizon Resort is on the cliffs to the right with the village of Conch Bar further ahead. Other than these few landmarks, you'll see only unspoiled terrain.

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