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Favorite Vacation Moments

Dragon Cay Sunrise
Dragon Cay Sunrise
Tue 06:30 AM Jul 18, 2000
Dragon Cay is one of the spectacular views at Blue Horizon. We're there for sunrise almost every morning when we stay there. The area is know locally as Mudjin Harbor. At low tide, the beach stretches all the way to the cay.

Rainbow over the Ocean
Rainbow over the Ocean
Sat 03:45 PM Dec 25, 1999
Middle Caicos has it's rainy seasons which we haven't experienced yet. We have had our share of the overnight downpours and isolated showers. They are always welcome since they keep the island green and provide most of the island's drinking water.

Blue Horizon Moon
Blue Horizon Moon
Mon 06:17 AM Jul 17, 2000
The sky always attracts our attention when we're on Middle. Sunrise and sunset are favorites. On moonless nights, familiar constellations are filled with so many stars that they are hard to find. A full moon like this one setting over Blue Horizon can light the beach for romantic walks.

Fri 01:39 PM Dec 24, 1999
Even on vacation, my engineering background wakes up and I feel the need to build something. I built this fortress at the intersection of beach below Blue Horizon and the sandbar that connects to Dragon Cay.

A Different Kind of Sandcastle
A Different Kind of Sandcastle
Mon 02:43 PM Dec 20, 1999
Never satisfied to do things the same old way, I took lessons I learned at a Natural Building Workshop high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and built a different kind of sandcastle. This dome shaped structure has a door and windows and encloses an open space. It's made from long cloth sacks filled with sand and coiled in a spiral. A crab moved in soon after I completed it.

Sand Shark
Sand Shark
Sun 03:49 PM May 27, 2001
This sand sculpture was inspired by the reef shark we saw while snorkeling near the reef a few days earlier. The secret to building the vertical and undercut details was to find the right sand. I had to scrape the fine grains from the top inch of the beach. The coarse grains below won't stick together enough to hold a shape.

Y2K Power Failure
Y2K Power Failure
Fri 06:13 PM Dec 31, 1999
On New Year's Eve, 1999, some people expected power failures to spread across the world. On Middle Caicos, it actually happened. But we always lose power at least once on each trip so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. On that night, it happened as we were preparing for dinner and the evening's festivities.

Electricity is generated on Provo and carried along the chain of islands by underwater cable. When it drops out, the single utility worker on the island drives down to where the cable comes ashore to check the fuses. If the power's going to be out for long, he starts the island's backup generator. We've never seen it out for more than an hour or so.

How We Began the Millenium
How We Began the Millenium
Sat 06:34 AM Jan 1, 2000
We've been up for many sunrises on Middle Caicos but this one seemed a little more special. It was January 1, 2000 and we were just where we wanted to be.

A Little Yardwork
A Little Yardwork
Fri 05:27 PM Jun 1, 2001

21°49’36”N 71°43’44”W
A machete, locally known as a cutlass, is indispensible when your front yard looks like ours. A few hours of clearing passages through the brush taught me to push the plants aside and chop low at the base of the trunk.

Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee
Thu 06:15 AM May 24, 2001

21°49’43”N 71°44’02”W
We never sleep in when we vacation on Middle Caicos. Usually Cathy and I share our coffee on the beach or clifftops. On this morning, Rick joined us.

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