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Island Inspired Poetry

For our family, Middle Caicos inspires a dream. For former island resident Dale Witt, the island's inspiration expresses itself through poetry. This is a collection of Dales' work. A resident of Middle Caicos for ten years, Dale now lives in Virginia.

Sea Sounds
A popular theme for mood music. The lucky few live everyday with this as their background.

Listen to the Beat of the Sea
Come walk with me along the sea Along the road that no cars travel Just the birds and me And listen to the beat of the sea. The never ending cadence of the sea A rythmn beyond you and me No words are needed, no special time Chords created by a greater mind. Booming sounds like a roar Then soothing crescendos as The waves hit the shore The repetoire is endless. Come walk with me along this sea On the empty road or on the beach Hear only the music and tranquility And listen to the beat of the sea.

Wave Talk
As I sat on the warm sand in the sun I listened to the waves talk to me They whispered of battles won And the million mysteries of the sea Waves are like families as the run First the mighty followed by the weak Closer and closer they creep to me As if my full attention they seek.

The most valuable treasures are unlocked not with a key but with your mind.

A Jewel of the Sea
I walked upon the beach one day And there in all its glory a seashell lay Its color was like the finest pearl The texture one continuous whirl No other shells caught my eye As snug in my bag this one lie It was enough to have found this jewel Made by Gods master tool.

The Mystery of the Sea
The mystery of the sea Just beneath the part you see Holds trillions of creatures big and small Leading a life we know not at all A life with families as complicated as mine Born to live and die just as you and I There are all colors, shapes, and design Gathered into segregated groups like man Danger is always around, like life above the sea Colors changing for camouflage and speed the key Man invades this sanctuary to destroy and learn Never conquering the mysteries of the sea.

Today as I looked out to sea A lovely rainbow greeted me It stretched from the horizon To be lost in the blue sky above Somehow this lovely sight Filled my heart with love It made me think of joy Of happiness and you my love

On the Beach
The frontier to another world. We are welcome to visit but some things will be turned away.

Rubbish on My Beach
I used to look with shock At rubbish on my beach The broken bottles on the rock Plastic tires, and other peoples stuff With time I look another way Wondering about where and why and when These things came on the sand to lay What stories they could tell. Sometimes they bear a clue Like a wine bottle that says "Espana" Or a plastic bottle almost new Others old and torn are puzzles to be solved. I wonder why and how they came to be Lying here within my reach I gather them together only to find Another day, another kind of rubbish on my beach.

Sea Vacuum
Today the sea is teal blue And black, brown, and green Wild, angry, surly, and mean. Great waves roll, jump, and crash Pounding the forgiving sand Spewing forth the trash of man. The sea is cleansing family shelters Man has no respect for life below What he doesn't see he doesn't know.

Island Friends
Friendships are the secret part of an island experience. Friends come in many forms.

Captain Neat Of The Dale Marie
The Dale Marie wends her way A mighty man at the stern No concerns for the time of day This is a man of the islands. A mighty force tall and strong At peace and fulfilled at sea No journey too short or long He is a man of the islands. The day may be cloudy or clear He steers steady and true Onward through all without fear He is a man of the islands.

Walking Miss Daisy
As the sun peaked out her golden head Ms Daisy and I picked our new paths to trace Today, by the sea, her favorite place The sea is crashing ashore Making shell picking a pleasant chore Daisy is racing to and fro In and out doing her wave race Down to the sea to explore new smells Back to see if I've found more What a blessing to have such a friend One who appreciates God's Natural Park Rolling in the sand, diving into waves Shaking off the sea and then back to me. No greater friend of man then a Daisy To join in my early morning sojourn along the sea.

I am grieving for the loss of a friend Not listening to the warnings Loud and clear he sends Preparing me for the end. Days of life are numbered By the minute by the hour By the breath each second And how we treat my friend. Have I used my friend wisely? Using space to grow Forgiving those wasteful thieves Who took my years away. Or was it I who lost Better planning, better quality With my lifetime friend Could have brought a better end. I am sorry my friend, Time, I have not used you wisely.

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