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Under a Sea Cliff
Under a Sea Cliff
Thu 05:20 AM Feb 3, 2000
The surf has carved out a path below the cliffs below Conch Bar. On this day, the tide was low and the seas unusually calm so we were able to try this normally inaccessible route to return on our hike from Blue Horizon.

The Most Tropical Landscape
The Most Tropical Landscape
Sat 09:18 AM Jun 2, 2001

21°48’32”N 71°42’04”W
This astonishing scene is something you might expect at a professionally landscaped resort. Instead, it's one of the natural secrets found on Middle Caicos. The pond is one of the seasonal pools on the trail to Nanny Pond. This scene is featured on the back cover of the Turks & Caicos National Trust Review for the Year 2001.

Nanny Pond
Nanny Pond
Sat 09:41 AM Jun 2, 2001

21°48’44”N 71°42’00”W
Nanny Pond is a half mile hike north of the road to Lorimers. There are plenty of ponds on Middle Caicos but Nanny Pond is unique in that it is bottomless. At least 265 feet deep, that is, because that's all the line they had when they tried to measure it. Somewhere in it's depth, Nanny Pond connects to the ocean and rises and falls with the tide.

Big Well
Big Well
Thu 10:11 AM May 31, 2001

21°47’30”N 71°41’20”W
Big Well was once the primary source of water for the village of Lorimers. The trail to it leads from the phone booth in the middle of town and immediately through the minden, or trash pile, of a Loyalist Plantation era home. The ground is littered with fragments of broken china discarded 200 years ago. There I found a shard with an intact edge pattern which might make identification possible. I also found what looked like a handmade button. Both are now in the hands of the TCI National Trust.

Man O' War Bush
Man O' War Bush
Thu 09:43 AM Dec 23, 1999
Man O' War Bush is a clump of Mangroves just south of Middle Caicos. Frigate birds, known locally as Man O' War birds because of their soldier-like vigilence, nest here. Cardinal Arthur took us by boat, about a half hour ride from the ferry landing. Your presence agitates the frigate birds and they circle over your head to scare you away from their young. I suggest you wear a hat to protect from their "missles".

Above Conch Bar Cave
Above Conch Bar Cave
Thu 03:47 PM Dec 23, 1999
On one of our tours of Conch Bar Caves, Cardinal took us out through a different exit than most people get to see. A rope takes you up to the Upper Chamber of the cave. From there, you climb the vines and tree roots to emerge on the ridge top high above the Atlantic Ocean.

Armstrong Pond
Armstrong Pond
Thu 03:37 PM Aug 19, 1999
Armstrong pond is one of the major archealogical sites on the island. In Pre-Columbian times, the area's sea level was probably lower and the south side of the island, now barely above water, was home to much of the island's population.

Big Pond
Big Pond
Thu 08:43 AM Aug 19, 1999
Big Pond is an oval saltwater pond a mile across on the southern flats of Middle Caicos.

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