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Places to Stay

Blue Horizon Resort
Blue Horizon Resort
Tue 01:21 PM Dec 28, 1999
Blue Horizon Resort rents 5 cottages and 2 private villas on 50 acres west of Conch Bar. The location is a spectacular combination of beaches and bluffs.

Sundial Villa
Sundial Villa
Fri 10:23 AM Jan 4, 2002
Sundial Villa is a duplex directly on the beach at Bambarra.

Dreamscape Villa
Dreamscape Villa
Fri 10:30 AM Jan 4, 2002
Dreamscape is a large and well appointed villa on the beach at Bambarra.

Tue 01:04 PM Jul 18, 2000
Crosswinds is built high above the surrounding terrain to benefit from the prevailing winds. It is just a short walk from the beach at Bambarra.

Seascape Villa
Seascape Villa
Sun 11:35 AM Jun 3, 2001

21°49’56”N 71°47’08”W
Seascape Villa is a beachfront villa at Bambarra.

Bambarra Sands Cottage
Bambarra Sands Cottage
Fri 02:55 PM Jan 3, 2003
Bambarra Sands Cottage is a newly completed home located on the beach at Bambarra.

All accomodations on Middle Caicos are villas and cottages available for weekly rental. This page is meant only as a brief introduction to some of them. Most of the villas and resorts have their own websites and are members of the Middle Caicos Webring. The links at the bottom of this website can take you to many of the villa's websites.

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No one website can show you everything there is to know about a place like Middle Caicos. So we founded the Middle Caicos WebRing to help you visit other sites dedicated to the island. You'll find many of the vacation villas, local guides and other informational sites on the ring.
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